10 Timeless Train Journeys That You Must Try Once!

There exists a collection of cherished memories from our childhood that embed themselves deep within our consciousness, destined to remain with us for all time. Among these treasured recollections, a particularly enchanting tapestry unfolds before our minds: the exhilarating voyages by train, undertaken with our beloved companions in the era before air travel took precedence. In those golden days, embarking on a train expedition entailed procuring our most beloved comics and delectable treats, indulging in aromatic cups of chai, engaging in lively card games, and marveling at the ever-shifting panoramas that unfolded beyond the windowpane.

Given that India boasts a diverse tapestry of landscapes, a train journey not only provided, but continues to provide, an array of unparalleled encounters and awe-inspiring vistas. Thus, should you yearn to revisit the wonders of your youth and embrace a more unhurried pace, prepare yourself for the revelation of these extraordinary ten-train odysseys! Each possesses a scenic route capable of leaving you spellbound, yearning for yet another enthralling expedition.

Mumbai to Goa (Konkan Railways)

When it comes to escaping the bustling rhythm of Mumbai, the vibrant city of Goa, renowned as the ultimate party hub in India, naturally springs to mind. While the option of boarding a flight always exists, embarking on a train journey from Mumbai to Goa unveils a wholly distinctive experience. This extraordinary and picturesque route unveils a plethora of awe-inspiring natural wonders, including the majestic Sahyadri Ranges, the tranquil expanse of the Arabian Sea, verdant meadows cloaked in lush greenery, mystical tunnels that beckon exploration, meandering rivers that grace the landscape, quaint bridges that connect distant shores, and cascading waterfalls that paint the scenery with their ethereal beauty.

Every moment along this route is a testament to nature’s artistry, leaving you awestruck and captivated throughout the voyage. For those with a passion for photography, be sure to clutch your camera tightly, for the route presents countless opportunities to capture breathtaking images at every turn.

Train Route: Mumbai CST – Thane – Khed – Ratnagiri – Pernem – Madgaon

Kalka to Shimla (Himalayan Queen)

Calling all nature enthusiasts! Prepare to be enthralled by a train expedition that encapsulates sheer beauty and must not be overlooked. Step aboard the Himalayan Queen, a picturesque train journey traversing the enchanting path between Kalka and Shimla. This whimsical locomotive, resembling a charming toy train on a narrow gauge, commences its magical odyssey from Kalka and embarks on a remarkable 96-kilometer ascent. As you embark on this captivating voyage, a panorama of wonders unfolds before your very eyes. Behold the breathtaking vistas of verdant pine forests, rugged mountain ranges standing tall, sprawling valleys that exude tranquility, ethereal waterfalls cascading in milky-white splendor, delicate blossoms adorning the landscape, and idyllic hill stations that beckon with their serene allure.

Along the route, the train gracefully traverses an impressive 864 bridges, ventures through 102 tunnels shrouded in mystery, and navigates an astounding 919 curves, elevating the entire journey to an awe-inspiring spectacle. Moreover, this extraordinary passage unveils captivating sights and quaint hamlets that remain concealed from the ordinary traveler’s gaze. Notably, this route boasts the esteemed honor of holding the Guinness World Record for the steepest ascent across a distance of 96 kilometers. Recognizing its immense cultural and historical value, it was deservedly declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008, cementing its status as an exceptional marvel to behold.

Train Route: Kalka – Barog – Kandaghat – Shimla

Kanyakumari to Trivandrum (Island Express)

Prepare to embark on a visually captivating voyage, spanning a mere two hours, as you board the train from Kanyakumari to Trivandrum. While the distance may be short, this route showcases some of the most exquisite scenery found within the realms of Kanyakumari and Trivandrum. As you traverse this enchanting passage, you will be treated to a tapestry of natural wonders that are sure to leave an indelible impression on your senses. Towering coconut trees and graceful palm trees sway in unison, while expansive paddy fields paint the landscape in vibrant hues.

Forest-like areas enveloped in dense greenery further enhance the spectacle, immersing you in the tranquility of nature. Moreover, this captivating journey grants glimpses of quaint villages, adorned with the charm of local life, as well as elaborately adorned temples and magnificent churches that bear testament to the region’s rich cultural heritage. Undoubtedly, embarking on this short yet exhilarating train expedition presents one of the most immersive ways to truly capture the authentic beauty of these beloved destinations in the southern part of India.

Train Route: Kanyakumari – Kulitthurai – Neyyattinkara – Trivandrum

New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling (Darjeeling Himalayan Railway)

Prepare for an extraordinary adventure aboard the enchanting toy train, embarking from New Jalpaiguri (NJP) and winding its way to the picturesque paradise of Darjeeling. This remarkable train journey stands among the most awe-inspiring in the entire country, unveiling a tapestry of scenic wonders that will render you utterly spellbound. The toy train sets off from the tranquil plains of Jalpaiguri, traversing the captivating landscapes of Siliguri, Sukhna, Kurseong, and other captivating locales before ascending to the majestic peak known as Ghoom, only to descend gracefully towards the hill station of Darjeeling. Along this captivating route, nature unfolds its mesmerizing beauty in full glory. Verdant forests envelop the surroundings, tea gardens stretch out in their entire splendor, and the crisp, refreshing air heightens the sense of enchantment.

To add to the surreal ambiance, the snow-capped peaks of the mighty Kanchenjunga grace the horizon, infusing the journey with an ethereal charm that must be experienced to be believed. The train’s path also grants passage to the renowned Batasia Loop, a popular vantage point that gifts travelers with breathtaking panoramic views of the entire town below. Despite its unhurried pace and the twists and turns of multiple loops and zigzags, the toy train remains a top attraction of the region, capturing the hearts of all who embark upon it. Notably, the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, home to this remarkable journey, earned its rightful place on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Sites list in 1999, further cementing its status as a treasure of cultural and historical significance.

Train Route: NJP – Siliguri Junction – Sukna – Rangtong – Kurseong – Ghoom – Darjeeling

Jammu to Baramulla (Kashmir Valley Railway)

Nestled amidst seismic zones and rugged mountainous terrains, the 356-kilometer-long railway route from Jammu to Baramulla is an extraordinary testament to both engineering prowess and natural beauty. Undoubtedly one of the most challenging and picturesque endeavors undertaken by the Indian Rail System, this remarkable journey traverses through a tapestry of scenic towns nestled within the breathtaking Kashmir Valley, providing a captivating glimpse into the lives and culture of the Kashmiri people. As the train ventures forth, a symphony of remarkable sights unfolds before your eyes.

Majestic high-altitude Mountain passes, mysterious tunnels that pierce through rocky fortresses, snow-capped peaks that glisten in the sunlight, the tranquil Chenab River meandering through the rugged landscape, and a staggering array of over 700 bridges grace the route. Each moment of this 13-hour expedition presents an opportunity to immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring topographical diversity that unfolds. However, it’s important to note that the region experiences harsh winters with heavy snowfall, adding an additional layer of consideration when planning your journey. Rest assured, the sheer magnificence and wonder that accompany this railway adventure make every moment worthwhile.

Train Route: Jammu – Katra – Banihal – Baramulla

Chennai to Rameswaram (Sethu Express)

Embark on an unforgettable voyage aboard the revered Sethu Express, transporting you to the sacred abode of Rameswaram, one of India’s holiest destinations. This extraordinary journey commences in the bustling city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and traverses the mainland before venturing over the serene waters of the Palk Strait to reach the ethereal Pamban Island. The highlight of this enchanting expedition is the iconic Pamban Railway Bridge, an architectural marvel that stretches across the sea, granting passengers a truly remarkable experience.

This awe-inspiring railway bridge runs parallel to a road bridge, constructed in 1988, which now provides an alternate route to Pamban Island. Prior to its construction, the sea bridge stood as the sole passage connecting the mainland to the island, adding an element of exclusivity and adventure to the journey.

Train Route: Chennai – Madurai – Rameswaram

Bangalore to Goa (Golden Chariot)

Embark on a captivating odyssey through the mesmerizing landscapes of South India, courtesy of the opulent Golden Chariot luxury train. This extraordinary journey promises a melange of breathtaking sights and unforgettable experiences. Prepare to delve into the untamed wonders of the Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary, where nature’s splendor unfolds in all its glory. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Hampi and Badami, exploring magnificent temple ruins and the timeless allure of sandstone caves.

As the train glides onward, a kaleidoscope of vistas unfurls before your eyes, culminating in the enchanting vistas of the Goan forest as you gracefully enter the state. The Golden Chariot serves as a lavish haven on wheels, embodying the epitome of luxury and indulgence. Aboard this resplendent train, a tapestry of opulence and sophistication awaits, offering an unparalleled experience that must be savored firsthand.

Train Route: Bangalore – Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary – Mysore – Hampi – Badami – Goa

Hubli- Madgaon (Vasco da Gama)

Prepare for an exhilarating train journey like no other by boarding either the Goa Link Express or the Yesvantpur Express. Brace yourself for an awe-inspiring adventure as you traverse the Hubli-Madgaon route, where an extraordinary spectacle awaits: the majestic Dudhsagar waterfalls. Cascading from a height of 300 meters, these powerful falls epitomize the raw force of nature. Are you ready to witness such a breathtaking sight? If so, alight at the Londa Junction, the nearest railway station to Dudhsagar Falls, and embark on an unforgettable experience that will leave you in awe of nature’s grandeur.

Located amidst the verdant beauty of the Western Ghats, Dudhsagar, which translates to “Sea of Milk,” lives up to its name as it descends from great heights, forming a mesmerizing cascade that resembles a frothy white veil. The thundering sound of water crashing against the rocks fills the air, creating an atmosphere charged with excitement and awe. As the train approaches Londa Junction, the gateway to this natural marvel, you can feel the anticipation growing. Alighting at this station, you are now mere steps away from the enchanting Dudhsagar Falls. Prepare to be enveloped by the misty spray and feel the coolness on your skin as you stand in the presence of this extraordinary force of nature.

Train Route: Hubli Junction, Dharwad, Londa Junction, Castle Rock, Kulem, Curchorem, Sanvordem, Madgaon Junction

Jaisalmer to Jodhpur (Dessert Queen)

When immersing yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Rajasthan, don’t miss the opportunity to embark on a captivating expedition aboard the Desert Queen train, connecting Jaisalmer to Jodhpur. Prepare for a remarkable six-hour odyssey that traverses diverse landscapes, leaving you spellbound by the beauty that unfolds before your eyes. Witness a symphony of nature’s marvels as you journey through arid terrains adorned with resilient xerophytic plants, shimmering golden sands, and undulating sand dunes.

Along the way, you’ll encounter a picturesque scene of grazing camels and graceful deer, adding an enchanting touch to the experience. Scattered settlements punctuate the route, granting you glimpses of locals adorned in their traditional attire, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the region. It is truly a desert safari in the guise of a train journey, allowing you to savor some of the most splendid vistas this remarkable land has to offer.

Train Route: Jaisalmer – Ramdevra – Phalodi Junction – Jodhpur

Bhubaneshwar to Brahmapur (Chilka Route)

Prepare to be enthralled by the mesmerizing beauty of nature as you embark on a delightful train journey from Bhubaneshwar to Brahmapur. This picturesque 3-hour route, nestled between the Eastern Ghats and the enchanting Chilka Lake, is a paradise for nature lovers. Be prepared to have your gaze fixated on the train’s window, for the captivating sights that unfold along the way are bound to leave you spellbound. On one side, the Eastern Ghats will unveil their lush green mountains, creating a majestic backdrop that exudes tranquility and serenity. On the other side, the magnificent Chilka Lake stretches out, its vastness reflecting the skies above.

As the train meanders through this charming landscape, every moment offers a feast for the eyes, captivating your senses with its sheer beauty. For photography enthusiasts, this journey is a dream come true. Capture the ethereal beauty of Chilka Lake, immortalize the ever-changing landscapes, and preserve the memories of this extraordinary train journey. Let the rhythmic chug of the train carry you through this natural wonderland, as you witness the harmonious blend of mountains, lake, and sky. Allow yourself to be swept away by the tranquil ambiance and immerse yourself in the captivating charm of the Bhubaneshwar to Brahmapur route.

Train Route: Bhubaneshwar – Kuhuri – Chilka – Brahmapur

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