Unveiling the Best Destinations for Memorable Family Vacations

The family vacation is one such experience where you get to experience everything together, making up for all the lost time in the chaotic urban lives. Bonding over bonfire or scuba diving with family or enjoying a hideout in the nature with your loved ones – family vacation has its own charm.

But the biggest hurdle to planning a family vacation can sometimes is budget and destination. Well, we have got it covered in this blog with this list of 20 best Places to visit with family outside India on a budget. The list is an exclusive deal, offering all sorts of vacations for all kinds of families.

Jordan: Unveiling the Arabian Gem

Unveiling the mysteries hidden beneath the surface, we are reminded of an essential travel mantra: do not blindly surrender to the tales spun by the media. In the realm of wanderlust, where Jordan has long remained concealed from the pulsating radars of avid explorers, it emerges as an undisputed champion—an Asian haven of mesmerizing landscapes, all within the grasp of a modest budget.

As an Arab nation, Jordan casts an enchanting spell, beckoning those who yearn to immerse themselves in the embrace of history and heritage. Every step through this captivating destination unfurls a tapestry of ancient wonders, from the awe-inspiring monuments of Petra to the timeworn remnants of Amman, and the bewitching allure of the Dead Sea. Each corner traversed breathes life anew into weary souls. Of course, no visit is complete without indulging in the tantalizing flavors of the local cuisine.

Venture forth to Petra, Aqaba, Wadi Rum, Maqaba, Al-Khazneh, the Dead Sea, Umm Qais, Salt, Pella, Fuheis, Jerash, and Ajloun, where wonders beyond imagination await your discovery.

Experiences to Treasure in Jordan: Bathe in the ethereal waterfalls of Ma’in, traverse the ancient trails of the Jordan Valley, explore the captivating realms of the Dana Biosphere Reserve, embark on a desert safari through the otherworldly landscapes of Wadi Rum, and savor the delights of local gastronomy.

Visa Requirements: A Visa on Arrival is obtainable for your convenience.

Ideal Duration: Delve into the wonders of Jordan over a span of 4-5 days, embracing its captivating essence in its entirety.

Nepal: Embracing the Majesty of the Himalayas

Embark on an extraordinary journey to our neighboring land, Nepal, where abundant treasures await you and your family, all within the comforting embrace of a budget-friendly adventure. Set against a backdrop of majestic peaks and captivating valleys, Nepal beckons as the quintessential destination for your idyllic holiday. Whether you crave thrilling escapades or seek solace in serene hideaways, this country offers an array of trekking trails, exhilarating sports, and breathtaking landscapes. Beyond its adventurous spirit and picturesque vistas, Nepal proudly stands as a revered pilgrimage site, adorned with countless Hindu and Buddhist temples that grace its sacred land.aerial view of city buildings during daytime

Delve into the wonders of Kathmandu, Nagarkot, Boudhanath, Langtang National Park, Upper Mustang, Pokhara, Namche Bazaar, and Ghandruk, where each destination paints a mesmerizing picture.

Thrilling Experiences in Nepal: Embark on unforgettable treks, witness the awe-inspiring beauty of the Himalayan peaks through panoramic flights, soar through the skies with paragliding in Pokhara, conquer Kathmandu Valley on a thrilling mountain biking adventure, and surrender to the exhilaration of river rafting in the Bhote Koshi River.

Visa Requirements: No visa is required to enter Nepal, granting you seamless access to this captivating realm.

How to Reach Nepal: Traverse the path to Nepal via well-connected roads or opt for a flight, with affordable fares starting from INR 4,000. Ideal Duration: Immerse yourself in the essence of Nepal over a span of 5-6 days, savoring every moment of this extraordinary escapade amidst the towering Himalayas.


Bhutan: Where Prosperity and Happiness Flourish

In a realm where divinity intertwines with serenity, behold Bhutan—a land of unparalleled bliss. Revered as one of the world’s most tranquil and joyous countries, Bhutan offers an idyllic sanctuary for families seeking precious moments of togetherness amidst nature’s tranquility. If you long to embark on a family vacation, reconnecting and treasuring the memories forged through time, then Bhutan beckons you forth. Nestled within the embrace of the mighty Himalayas, this enchanted nation unfolds a tapestry of breathtaking landscapes.

people in brown and blue costume standing on brown field during daytime

Traverse the mesmerizing mountain roads, immersing yourself in the splendor of the Himalayan vistas, or venture into the lush forests of Bhutan, where every step births everlasting memories. The monasteries that grace this sacred land also stand as significant attractions, captivating the hearts of visitors.

Discover the wonders of Thimphu, Paro, Punakha, Trongsa, Jakar, Phuntsholing, Laya, Dochula, and Samdrup Jongkhar, where each destination unveils a unique facet of this divine land.

Experiences to Treasure in Bhutan: Delight in enchanting car rides through the mystical landscapes, explore the breathtaking Manas Wildlife Sanctuary, brave the exhilarating rapids of the Po Chu River, embark on invigorating treks through Bhutan’s majestic terrain, immerse yourself in the tranquility of Taktsang Palphug Monastery in Paro, pay homage to the sacred Dochula Pass, and indulge in the thrills of kayaking.

Visa Requirements: No visa is required to enter the enchanting realm of Bhutan, granting you seamless access to its wonders.

Ideal Duration: Revel in the allure of Bhutan for 5-6 days, cherishing every moment of this ethereal escape amidst a realm where prosperity and happiness thrive.

Indonesia: The Paradisiacal Haven of Sun-Kissed Beaches

Immerse yourself in the land of infinite beaches, where Indonesia unfolds as the quintessential destination for an unforgettable family beach vacation. With a rich tapestry of heritage and culture, this mesmerizing country beckons, offering a multifaceted experience that caters to every aspect of your travel desires. From the vibrant shores of popular tourist beaches to the serenity of secluded islands, from dense forest reserves to captivating heritage sites, Indonesia presents a diverse tapestry that satiates every craving of the wanderlust soul.

black building on gray rock hillBeyond the hidden treasures that await your exploration, iconic destinations like Bali and Jakarta unveil their charms. Indonesia also boasts mesmerizing rice fields and wildlife reserves, offering a haven of solace amidst nature’s luxurious embrace.

Unveiling Indonesia’s Alluring Gems: Embark on a journey to Bali, Ubud, Jakarta, Kuta, Lombok Beach, Komodo National Park, Surabaya, Kintamani, Lovina Beach, and Lorentz National Park, where each destination paints a vivid picture of Indonesia’s allure.

Dive into the enchanting waters of Jimbaran Bay and Bali for captivating snorkeling and scuba diving adventures, ride the thrilling waves while surfing at Lombok Beach, hike through the picturesque landscapes of Flores Island, explore the idyllic beauty of Nusa Penida, indulge in island hopping amidst the splendor of Raja Ampat Islands, and embark on unforgettable diving expeditions at Bunaken.

Visa Requirements: Leave your visa worries behind as you plan your family’s trip to Indonesia, where a Visa on Arrival awaits your arrival. Ideal Duration: Bask in the beauty of Indonesia for 5-7 days, allowing ample time to savor the sun-drenched beaches and immerse yourselves in the wonders of this paradisiacal haven.


China: Finding Serenity amidst Dynamic Splendor

Behold, our neighbor beyond the Himalayas, China, a realm where prosperity intertwines with rich culture. This captivating country takes immense pride in preserving and showcasing its profound traditions and heritage. A tale of two contrasting worlds unfolds before you: the serene countryside, adorned with breathtaking landscapes, and the vibrant metropolises that never sleep.

Within the realm of the Red Dragon, China hosts grand carnival-like festivals, and witnessing such an event during your visit is an absolute must. Moreover, the country offers its fair share of adventures, catering to families seeking exhilaration and shared experiences.architectural photograph of lighted city sky

Embark on a journey to Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Yangshuo County, Lijiang, Zhangjiajie, Huangshan City, Pangong Tso Lake, Wuzhen Zhangye, Pingyao, and Jiuzhaigou, where each destination presents a captivating facet of China’s allure.

Experiences to Treasure in China: Hike along the majestic Great Wall of China, indulge in a thrilling cable car ride through the enchanting landscapes of Zhangjiajie, trek amidst the stunning Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Lijiang, embark on exhilarating hikes in Yangshuo County, explore the mesmerizing Five Flower Lakes in Jiuzhaigou, venture into the scenic wonders of Xihai Grand Canyons, visit the iconic Terracotta Army in Xi’an, and indulge in unparalleled shopping experiences in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Visa Requirements: A tourist visa is required to visit China, ensuring your seamless access to this extraordinary realm.

Ideal Duration: Immerse yourself in the splendor of China for 7-9 days, allowing ample time to delve into its dynamic charm, discovering both serenity and excitement within its borders.

Malaysia: Basking in the Radiance of Sun and Diversity

Step into the vibrant tapestry of Malaysia, a land that celebrates diversity in all its forms. Embodied within its architecture and heritage, you’ll discover the captivating influences of Indian, Chinese, European, and Malay cultures. Beyond its cultural richness, Malaysia stands as a captivating beach destination, beckoning sun lovers to indulge in the perfect blend of sun, sand, and sea.

This enchanting country also offers an idyllic retreat for families yearning for a tranquil getaway amidst nature’s embrace. The verdant green mountains, hidden waterfalls, and captivating beaches, combined with a wealth of heritage and culture, ensure that your family vacation here will be etched into your memory forever.Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia

Embark on a journey to Kuala Lumpur, George Town, Langkawi, Penang Island, Kota Kinabalu, Putrajaya, Redang Island, Ipoh, Sandakan, Kinabalu Park, Taman Negara, Gunung Mulu National Park, Mersing, and Semporna, where each destination unveils a unique facet of Malaysia’s allure.

Experiences to Treasure in Malaysia: Marvel at the iconic Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, embark on exhilarating treks in Taman Negara National Park, ascend to the breathtaking Genting Highlands, immerse yourself in the underwater wonders of Sipadan Island’s Underwater World, and discover the vibrant marine life through snorkeling adventures in Langkawi.

Visa Requirements: A tourist visa is required to explore the wonders of Malaysia, granting you seamless access to its captivating landscapes.

Ideal Duration: Bask in the radiance of Malaysia for 5-7 days, savoring every moment of sun-kissed bliss and immersing yourselves in the diverse wonders that this enchanting destination has to offer.


UAE: Where Luxury Reigns Supreme

Enter the realm of UAE, a coveted destination for family travelers, renowned for its ultra-modern cityscapes and the iconic city of Dubai. Within the United Arab Emirates, a wonderland emerges amidst the vast desert expanse. Dubai, the epitome of luxury, beckons you with open arms. Where else can you find the thrill of snow skating amidst arid sands?

UAE leaves no stone unturned in fulfilling your wanderlust dreams, ensuring that you check off every item on your bucket list right here. An adventurer’s paradise, UAE offers a plethora of thrilling activities alongside a wide array of recreational pursuits.

Burj Al Arab

Embark on a journey to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Yas Island, Palm Jumeirah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Badiyah, Al Madam, and Khatt, where each destination unveils its own unique charm within the UAE’s enchanting landscape.

Experiences to Treasure in UAE: Venture into the captivating landscapes of Wadi Wurayah for exhilarating hikes, indulge in fishing adventures in Al Mirfa, embark on a desert safari in Swaihan, experience the thrill of skiing at Dubai’s Ski Dubai, take a leap of faith with bungee jumping in Dubai, partake in skydiving and helicopter rides over the city’s breathtaking vistas, and indulge in unparalleled shopping experiences in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Visa Requirements: To explore the wonders of UAE, a tourist visa is required, ensuring smooth access to this lavish destination.

Ideal Duration: Immerse yourself in the opulence of UAE for 4-5 days, allowing ample time to immerse yourself in the grandeur, revel in thrilling adventures, and create cherished family memories amidst the lap of luxury.

Russia: Unveiling the Hidden Gems

Beyond the myths and rumors, Russia beckons as a captivating destination for a memorable family adventure. As the largest country in the world, Russia unfolds its diverse tapestry of culture, language, geography, and people, offering a delightful surprise at every turn. While the initial impression may suggest a reserved demeanor, Russia gradually reveals its warm and welcoming spirit, embracing visitors with open arms.

From its rich historical sites to enchanting offbeat villages, this vast country invites you to witness its captivating wonders. Russia also boasts some of the most extraordinary landscapes on Earth, encompassing majestic mountains, serene lakes, picturesque beaches, and modern cities that effortlessly blend tradition with modernity.building beside body of waters

Set your sights on Sochi, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Lake Baikal, Irkutsk, Vladivostok, Vladimir, Olkhon Island, Volgograd, Samara, Vyborg, and Suzdal, each destination offering a unique glimpse into Russia’s diverse allure.

Experiences to Treasure in Russia: Embark on a scenic canal tour in St. Petersburg, immerse yourself in thrilling skiing adventures in Red Valley, pay homage to the war memorials and museums, explore the mysteries of Star City in Moscow, go hiking amidst the beauty near Lake Baikal, trek the majestic Mt. Elbrus, and embark on an unforgettable journey aboard the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Visa Requirements: A tourist visa is required prior to visiting Russia, allowing you seamless access to its captivating wonders.

Ideal Duration: Embrace the magic of Russia for 6-7 days, granting ample time to immerse yourselves in its rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and unforgettable experiences that will create cherished family memories to last a lifetime.

Egypt: Unveiling the Tapestry of Civilization

Step into the ancient realm of Egypt, where the grandeur of human history unfolds before your very eyes. Far beyond the narratives spun by the media, Egypt offers a transformative experience that defies expectations. Discover a land of tranquility and peace, adorned with timeless architectural wonders such as the awe-inspiring Giza Pyramid complex. Egypt stands as a testament to the evolution of society, inviting you to delve into the mysteries of the Pharaohs and explore the rich tapestry of human civilization.

And if you thought Egypt was solely a vast arid desert, prepare to be enchanted by its mesmerizing beaches, offering an adventurous playground for those seeking thrilling experiences. Immerse yourself in the local way of life as you traverse the pyramids, bask in the sun-kissed beaches, and embrace the vibrant modern cities of Cairo and Alexandria.The Sphynx, Egypt

Let your explorations lead you to Cairo, Giza, Luxor, Hurghada, Aswan, Alexandria, Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab, Taba, Marsa Alam, Kom Ombo, Safaga, Ras Muhammad National Park, and Nuweiba, each offering a unique glimpse into Egypt’s timeless allure.

Experiences to Treasure in Egypt: Marvel at the grandeur of the Pyramids of Giza, embark on mesmerizing snorkeling adventures in Hurghada and Dahab, cast your line for fishing escapades in Lake Nasser, embark on a captivating desert safari in the Siwa Oasis, and unleash your spirit of adventure with thrilling kite surfing in Safaga.

Visa Requirements: A tourist visa is required to enter Egypt, opening the gates to a world of ancient wonders.

Ideal Duration: Immerse yourself in the splendor of Egypt for 5-7 days, allowing ample time to explore the pyramids, indulge in beachside bliss, and absorb the rich history and modern vibrancy that define this remarkable country.

Thailand: Embracing Nature's Bliss

For a family trip immersed in the wonders of nature, Thailand beckons with its captivating charm. Offering a harmonious blend of serenity and adventure, this Southeast Asian gem will leave an indelible mark on your family’s memories.

With pristine beaches, tranquil landscapes, and a plethora of activities to choose from, Thailand provides the perfect backdrop for rekindling connections and cherishing special moments together. Whether you seek heritage sites, trekking trails, or simply the bliss of sun-kissed shores, Thailand offers an experience that will captivate the entire family.aerial photography of body of water surrounded with mountains

Set foot in Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Phuket Island, Phi Phi Islands, Phuket City, Bangkok, Krabi, Hat Yai, Lampang, Surin Islands, and Chiang Rai, each offering unique treasures waiting to be explored

Experiences to Treasure in Thailand: Plunge into the depths of the ocean with scuba diving or snorkeling adventures, soar through the skies while parasailing, embark on island-hopping escapades to discover secluded gems, immerse yourselves in the vibrant atmosphere of floating markets, take a breathtaking hot air balloon ride in Chiang Mai, explore the exquisite temples that dot the Thai landscape, hike through the lush national parks, and savor the delectable street food that tantalizes your taste buds.

Visa Requirements: Enjoy a family trip to Thailand with Visa on Arrival, making the journey hassle-free and convenient.

Ideal Duration: Indulge in the wonders of Thailand for 6-7 days, allowing ample time to unwind on beautiful beaches, engage in thrilling adventures, and immerse yourselves in the cultural and natural marvels that Thailand has to offer.

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